Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy is great for those who want to be physically active while also gaining benefits from psychotherapy at the same time.  The focus of this counselling is not on exercise, though some may find physical benefits.  Nature-lovers find this method of therapy to be particularly enjoyable, as it provides us with many opportunities for mindfulness and gratitude with the beautiful scenes occurring naturally around us. It can also be helpful for those who think best when they are on the move, as some describe experiencing more creativity flowing when engaging in physical activity.  Prior to signing up for Walk and Talk Therapy, clients must be in strong physical condition; not dealing with any know disability or condition which would prevent them in participating in the 50-minute session.  Clients will take full responsibility for their medical and physical well-being during the sessions.

As Walk and Talk Therapy takes place outside in the public, there are limits to confidentiality.  This includes other people hearing short parts of conversation.  Your privacy and confidentiality will be protected, by your therapist, as best as they are able.  The therapist will discuss any concerns you may have and how you prefer to handle potential confidentiality risks.  Conversations may be limited when in ear shot of another person and the discussion will be had around meeting someone you may know during the session.   What is discussed during Walk and Talk therapy session can also be discussed with the therapist.  You can always change your mind and return to in-office appointments.

Please wear comfortable exercise clothes and running or hiking shoes to Walk and Talk therapy. You may also want to wear sunglasses, a hat, bug spray, and sun screen to ensure proper protection from the elements! If it’s cold, please be sure to dress warm enough and wear boots if needed.