Movement “Medicine”

Admin 07 Jul , 2021

Information gathered and prepared by A. Balind MSW, RSW
Clinical Social Worker, Portage Medical Family Health Team

Mental health is something that we all have and that we all have to work on.  It is a state of well-being.   A great way to make sure that you have good mental health is if you enjoy life, feel that your life has a purpose and that your life has ups and downs.  Some people think that having strong mental health means that you are happy all of the time.  This is not true and unrealistic.  Having control over your mental health means that you are able to experience all emotions, even the difficult ones from time to time.

Moving your body regularly can help to improve your mental health.  Many people have heard of “runner’s high”, which is a state of happiness people may feel after a long run.  The good news is, you do not have to run to get this good feeling. Going for a walk, doing jumping jacks, playing with a pet or taking the stairs can give you the same good feelings.  Any activity that is going to get your heart beating and increase your breathing will help to improve your mood if you are feeling sad, nervous, worried or just numb.

Science has shown that for people with Anxiety and/or depression exercise and movement can reduce your symptoms.  In fact, it can boost your mood after only 10-15minutes of activity! However, you don’t need to have depression or anxiety to find the benefit from this.  We all need to work on keeping well, both physically and mentally; some regular movement can make a big difference!