Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Where can I find a family doctor?
  • Are you accepting new patients?
    We are not accepting patients at this time.
  • Is your health card expired? Check out this link:
  • Do I have to pay for parking?
    Yes. Paid parking is $4.00. Gates accept coins, debit and credit cards.
  • What do I do if I am sick after hours?
    See here for more info
  • Where are you located?
    4256 Portage Rd. Suite 303 Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6A4 (see map here)
  • What is a family health team?
    Family Health Teams (FHT) are primary health care organizations that include a team of family physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, dietitians, and other professionals who work together to provide primary health care for their community. Learn more
  • What services can I access at the FHT?
    Learn more about what we do
  • What is a Nurse Practitioner (NP)?
    A nurse practitioner (NP) is an advanced practice registered nurse classified as a mid-level practitioner. A nurse practitioner is trained to assess patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose illness and disease, prescribe medication and formulate treatment plans.
  • What is a Social Worker?
    A social worker serves clients dealing with a range of challenges including poverty, physical and mental health issues, addiction, and family problems. They may provide clinical services, such as therapy or counseling, and connect people to resources in the community to help them overcome challenges.
  • What is a Psychotherapist?
    A psychotherapist works with clients who are affected by difficulties such as depression, phobias, stress, anxiety, emotional and relationship problems, physical or psychosomatic disorders and behavioural problems.
  • What is a Dietitian?
    A registered dietitian is a health care professional who is trained to provide advice and counselling about diet, food and nutrition. They use the best available evidence coupled with good judgment about the client’s or communities’ unique values and circumstances to determine guidance and recommendations.
  • Is there a cost/fees to access programs/services?
    No. All services are free.
  • How do I access services?
    Most of our programs are accessed by one of three ways: the patient can sign up themselves, the doctor or health professional can refer them, or they may be contacted by the family health team staff directly. Check out our programs and services page to find out how you can sign up. Learn more.
  • Where can I get my test done? Lab and diagnostic imaging info can be accessed at any one of the following facilities: