Empowering Older Adults in Niagara Survey

Admin 10 Jun , 2022

Empowering Older Adults in Niagara Survey: 

The Age-Friendly Niagara Council (AFNC) is conducting a survey, ‘Empowering Older Adults in Niagara’, to learn more about issues of interest and concern to adults 50+ living in the Niagara region. The results of the survey will help to inform both the Age-Friendly Niagara Council (AFNC) and the Niagara Older Adult Alliance (NOAA) in establishing priorities as they work together to promote an age-friendly, inclusive and diverse Niagara.

We would appreciate it if you could share the following link to Survey Monkey with your network of agencies and groups in Niagara as well as with adults 50+ who may be directly served by your organizations. You can forward my email or, if you prefer, you can copy and paste the link to Survey Monkey and add a personal message when you send the link.