Why Stretch?

Admin 02 Jun , 2021

Information gathered and prepared by A. Balind, MSW, RSW
Clinical Social Worker Portage Medical Family Health Team


            Do you stretch?  Often people forget to stretch, do not stretch properly, or do not understand when or why they should stretch.  Stretching daily along with before and after exercise is important for people for the following reasons:

  • to prevent getting hurt
  • recovery from injury
  • lower stress
  • increase flexibility
  • keep the range of motion in joints
  • keep muscles long and lose

It is also important to understand how to stretch properly.  Here are some helpful tips to make sure you are stretching properly:

  • move at a comfortable speed
  • do not tug or bounce
  • hold stretches for between 10-30 seconds each
  • stop your stretch once you feel tightness in that muscle
  • if it hurts, stop- it should feel good
  • do not hold your breath- counting out loud can help to make sure you’re breathing properly
  • stretch all muscles in the body- large and small

Knowing which stretches to do and what will be helpful for you can be tricky.  Speaking with your doctor or health care provider may be helpful.  They may give you stretches to try or refer you to a Physiotherapist.  The internet can help to show you stretches to try and how to do them safely as well.  Here are some helpful websites:


The Portage Medical Family Health Team staff will be happy to help you learn or find more information about stretching and exercise.  Just ask us!