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Chronic Pain Program
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Chronic pain can be described as non-cancer pain that doesn’t go away after at least 3 months. There are different kinds of pain, and many different treatments for pain.

Your doctor or Nurse Practitioner will refer you to the Chronic Pain program where you’ll meet with a Registered Nurse who will complete a comprehensive pain assessment as part of your initial visit. Working together with the nurse, you will develop a plan to help you mange your chronic pain condition. You may require a number of visits to address different aspects of your self-management plan. Sometimes a follow-up visit with your doctor is necessary.

Medications are often used to help treat pain. Sometimes those medications are narcotics. Being part of the program will require you to sign a “Narcotic Contract” which details specific guidelines your doctor expects you to function within, as someone who maybe already, or might in the future require narcotic medication to help with pain.

The nurse is not able to prescribe or offer medications of any kind. Your doctor will prescribe all medications.